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Dr. Janis Zarzeckis in total has done around 2000 successful breast augmentation operations!

Breast augmentation or mammaplasty is the most popular plastic surgery manipulation in the world. Beautiful and shapely breasts is the dream of almost any woman. However, not all women get to achieve this dream. Breastfeeding, rapid weight loss, hormonal problems or simply undeveloped breasts are the most common reasons why women opt for a breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation surgeries are performed to improve the breast shape and achieve the desired breast size.

How to choose an appropriate type of breast implants?

For breast augmentation, special implants filled with a cohesive silicone gel are used which cannot leak and do damage to the patient’s health even in cases tears in the implant layer. During surgery, they are placed under the breast gland or the muscle.

Breast implants differ in form, volume and size giving a chance to customize implants most suitable to a client’s needs and physical features and achieve the desired effect and best result. Two types of breast implants are available — round or anatomical (tear drop) implants. A more natural look will be achieved with anatomical implants since they resemble the natural shape of breasts more, but the round implants will be best suitable for women who want an enhanced and shapelier décolletage.

The advantages of silicone implants

A better alternative material than silicone has not been discovered until now. It is widely used in many medicine sectors — not only in plastic and aesthetic surgery, but also in reconstructive surgery. Nowadays, silicone implants are more popular than saline (salt water) implants. In comparison with water breast implants, silicone implants do not fully lose their volume during a human lifespan and are gentler and more distributed more evenly.

Medical research suggests that contrary to many popular myths about the so-called “silicone breasts”, breast implants filled with silicone gel do not cause allergies or cancerous growth, they do not affect a woman’s health, pregnancy or breastfeeding a child. Therefore, they can also be used by women who have not given birth yet. Milk gland ducts and nipples are not harmed during the surgery.

Price for breast augmentation is 3200 - 4500 Eur.

Do breasts look natural after inserting implants?

A more natural look will be achievable for those breasts for whom an implant size that is not too large has been used. If you wish to enlarge breasts of the smallest size with the largest implant size available, the effect will be noticed by everyone.

Based on the natural shape and size of the breasts, our plastic surgeons will suggest the most suitable implant types in order to ensure natural-looking breasts and a great well-being and to avoid unwanted side effects. By keeping the surgeons’ suggestions in mind, it is possible to achieve completely natural-looking breasts.

Should I be worried after inserting the breast implants that they might move out of place or tear?

Breast implants have a special, safe protective layer which protects them from tearing. During our many years of expertise, we have not heard of such cases when an implant would tear.

During the plastic surgery, the implant is thoroughly secured under the breast muscle or breast gland and cannot move out of place or slip out on its own.

At the beginning of the recovery period, especially during physical activities with fast movement with hands raised in an upward manner, a feeling might occur that the implant is slightly moving or poses a disturbance, this sensation can exist until the client has fully grown accustomed to the implants.

Process of the breast augmentation surgery

The breast augmentation plastic surgery is performed with a general anaesthesia and therefore is completely painless. After the surgery, the patient must spend 24 hours at the hospital under the supervision of medics. During the breast augmentation surgery, incision lines are made under the breast, around the nipple or in the armpits — in places where scars are less noticeable. Wounds heal within 1-2 weeks and scars are usually not noticeable very much. To achieve a better cosmetic effect, it is recommended to wear a specialised post-surgery bra for a month after the surgery. It helps to improve the breast shape and reduce potential swelling. You should refrain from physical activities.

Why private hospital Adazi?

Beautiful and expressive breasts help any woman to feel more feminine and more confident in herself and to feel comfortable and beautiful in any type of clothing and life situation. The specialists at private hospital Adazi provide professional patient care and consultations until full recovery. We operate only with world-renowned and certified materials. The surgeons of the clinic have more than 30 years of experience in performing such surgeries which gives hope of the best result achievable and will not disappoint you.

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