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Many people face lack of self-assurance due to the shape of the nose. Nose reshaping or rhinoplastic surgery is one of the most popular surgical manipulations these days. Sometimes shape or size of the nose happen to be totally different from what you wish due to traumas or inborn factors, for example, nose is too wide, narrow, big or oblique, there may be turned-up tip of the nose or so called “hump nose”. Nose reshaping will quickly help you get the desired shape of the nose and correct visual nose defects of all kinds. Plastic surgeons will recommend and apply the most suitable reshaping procedures to achieve the desirable effect, natural look of the nose and harmony with the remaining features.

Price for nose reshaping is 2085 - 3370 Eur.

What is nose reshaping and how is it performed?

Nose reshaping is not a complicated surgery, and it causes no pain due to general anesthesia. After the nose surgery, one night at the in-patient hospital under the supervision of physicians is recommended. No functions significant to breathing are affected during the nose reshaping surgeries, and breathing is not encumbered also after the surgery. Cuts are made inside the nose, therefore scars are not visible. Post-surgical effect is lifelong. 6–10 days after the surgery, plaster cast is recommended to keep nose in right position and prevent it from intensive swelling. Oedema and bruises around the eyes usually disappear within 2–4 weeks.

Why exactly “Ādažu privātslimnīca”?

Nose reshaping is absolutely safe surgery, which will help you correct nose defects and provide a wonderful lifelong outcome. Specialists working at Ādaži private clinic have experience in such kind of surgeries exceeding 30 years. This provides professional customer care and consultations up to the moment of full recovery, as well as gives hope for the best possible outcome, which definitely won’t disappoint you.

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The Centre of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery is the private practice of Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Janis Zarzeckis and Dr. Talivaldis Krumins, where high-quality services are provided in aesthetic, reconstructive and hand surgery.

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