A beautiful and slender body is almost every person’s dream. Many people spend a large part of their lives actively exercising or following a variety of diets to gain a slender body. However, it may not be enough to achieve the goal. This can be due to a variety of causes, such as particular build of body where fat or “overweight” builds up in a specific place, hormonal disorders or congenital diseases. In this situation, liposuction or lipectomy is the most effective solution. The liposuction is done to quickly, efficiently and permanently remove excess fat from different areas of the body, improve body shape, shape, well-being and help you feel confident in any outfit.

What is the liposuction and in which cases is it done?

The liposuction is not a method of losing weight, but a method of correcting its shape. This means that you can get rid of excess fat deposits in a specific part of your body with the help of surgery. Surgery is particularly effective because the result lasts a lifetime. Unlike normal slimming, fat does not accumulate in the problem area after the liposuction surgery. This is because the fat cells that have been removed during surgery are no longer restored.

The liposuction is a procedure that is suitable for both women and men, regardless of their age. Women tend to accumulate fat on the sides of the thighs, the lower leg and ankles, on the abdomen and thighs, and on the sneeze. The most common problem areas for men are the abdomen and chin.

Price for liposuction is 2000 - 4500 Eur.

Is the effect of the liposuction visible immediately?

Liposuction technique, or lipectomy, has gained widespread popularity worldwide because of its immediate and obvious effect, and it lasts a lifetime because the fat cells that have been removed do not regenerate.

How is the liposuction procedure done?

Before the liposuction surgery, a special preparation is injected into the problem areas of the body, which breaks down and liquefies the fat, and only then, during the surgery, is the fat removed using a special vacuum device.

The liposuction is performed under general anesthesia. If you need to get rid of a small amount of fat, the liposuction surgery is performed under local anesthesia, rendering the affected areas only insensitive. In cases where you need to get rid of more fat, the surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

After the liposuction surgery

The postoperative period is not complicated, but it takes quite a long time to get the result. After the surgery, stay in hospital under medical supervision for 1 day. To achieve a good cosmetic effect faster, it is recommended to wear tight-fitting clothing that reduces tissue edema after the liposuction for about 1 month.

Why exactly “Ādažu privātslimnīca?”

„Ādažu privātslimnīca” specialists provide professional client care, consultation until complete recovery and hope for the best and most effective result, which will certainly not disappoint you.

plastiskie ķirurgi Dr. Tālivaldis Krūmiņš un Dr. Jānis Zaržeckis

The Centre of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery is the private practice of Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Janis Zarzeckis and Dr. Talivaldis Krumins, where high-quality services are provided in aesthetic, reconstructive and hand surgery.

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